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Golf Simulators – Facebook forum offers insights on best and worst units You can also find out about launch monitors on the group discussion

I don’t know Harry Brandt personally, except to tell you that he is a devoted and passionate student of the golf swing. We both subscribe to Jim Hardy’s belief in the “One Plane” and “Two Plane” golf swings.

Now in Harry’s quest to assist golfers in their quest to fine tune their swings, Brandt has created a Facebook page Golf Simulator, Launch Monitor and Video Discussion Group.

In creating the page, Harry writes: “This group is for its members. I’d like the group to be as useful and effective as possible in helping people understand the features, pros, and cons of various tech equipment with as little bias as possible. I believe it will be important for people to be up front about what they own (since, so often, people think what they own must be tops  ) and also, it should be stated if they have past or present employment with or connection with a product or company under discussion. Let’s not let this group become a childish “mine is better yours” but a discussion group to allow everyone’s knowledge to improve. I have no problem with involvement of reps or people in the industry. In fact, it is often these people who are most knowledgeable and it will be useful to have them around. But their affiliations should be stated up front. Please let me know if you agree with this general principle and how you think it should be managed. Thanks!!”

There are already 266 members and lots of good insights on equipment and how to set up an indoor practice area. Hope this helps!

Here’s the link- https://www.facebook.com/groups/1936984393234085/?multi_permalinks=1944153565850501&notif_id=1514208323230757&notif_t=group_activity 

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