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Dean Reinmuth with The Swing Coach 5 Fridays Until the Holidays

While everyone else is making New Year’s resolutions about exercising more and losing weight, all the golf lovers out there are making resolutions about improving their swing. Good news is Dean Reinmuth is here to help!

Dean Reinmuth is your coach with The Swing Coach

Dean Reinmuth, a world renowned and multi-awarded top 50 golf coach by both Golf Digest and Golf Magazine can help give you the tips you’ve been missing that have been holding you back from being the best player you can be.

With the help of Dean, this year that can all change. Dean would like to look at your swing, analyze it and give you tips.

New Year, New Swing
The practice club you need to change your game in 2018!

Dean would like to personally help you start off the new year right so you can achieve a new and improved swing! He has coached many top Tour players worldwide for over 25 years, including Ricky Barnes, Hee Won Han, Phil Mickelson, Rory Sabbatini, and Dave Stockton, and now he can share his wisdom with you! Your readers will learn how to swing like a pro this new year through you!

Dean will introduce to you Swing Coach, the game changing practice club he co-created. Swing Coach helps you become a better coach of your own swing. It’s like having Dean Reinmuth in your bag. Swing Coach allows you to learn and self-correct every swing, which helps you correct and improve your swing much quicker. It is the only practice club that allows you to both see and feel the results of your practice swings.

Start off the year right and don’t miss the chance to make your New Year’s resolution come true.

Here are just some of the ways Dean can help you and your audience create a new and improved swing this new year:

Self-Awareness: All good players must have the ability to correct their mechanics at any point during the round. This ability to self correct is the key element to lower scores. Dean can help you develop personal awareness of knowing what your swing is doing and then what your swing should be doing instead. You can’t fix what you are not aware of.
Consistency: Every player hits good shots from time to time. The reason you don’t hit your best shots more often is due to improper technique, such as swing path, swing pace, and improper release. Dean can help you pinpoint where your incorrect technique is which will increase the consistency of your swings.
Proper Swing Pace: Dean will teach you how to develop the feel for proper gradual club head acceleration and show you what it feels like to have great rhythm in your swing. The proper pace rhythm feels like the gradual acceleration of a roller coaster that is gradually picking up speed.
Scoring Shots: The ability to score well is determined by your ability to hit your less than full swing shots close to the hole. Dean will show you personalized adjustments you need to make to your swings to either add more or less distance for your pitch or chip shots.
Distance: Everyone wants more distance or to be able maintain their distance longer as they get older. Dean can help you develop a more consistent swing path and release along with efficient acceleration for greater club-head speed. This will produce more on center of the club contact and that effortless distance you’re looking for that all the best players have.

You can read about swing coach here https://swingcoachclub.com/

The Swing Coach identifies flaws in your swing and helps correct them.

– Kelly Rose, Rose Media

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