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Why club fitting matters Study shows golfers gain distance and accuracy - don't buy a new driver, get fitted

A 2017 study conducted by GolfMagazine (Aug 2017) confirmed that custom club fitting absolutely improves any player’s performance on the golf course. Improvement was evident across the board with big distance gains, tighter dispersion patterns, more fairways hit, closer proximity to the hole with irons and most surprisingly, dramatically improved putting.

The golfers participating in the study lowered their handicap by an average of three strokes per round! The magazine concluded by writing, “The results? Fitting matters. Based on data from the TrackMan, SAM PuttLab and SkyCaddies along with tester interviews, it’s clear that correctly matched clubs can help golfers of all skills. And remember – you actually can buy a better game with properly fit clubs.”

Says world-renowned instructor David Leadbetter, “It never ceases to amaze me that golfers buy clubs off the shelf and assume they’re right for them. Whether you’re a great golfer or a casual one, getting a custom club fitting is one of the quickest ways to improve your game.” While custom fitting will definitely improve a player’s ability to perform and score, not all fitters are created equal. There are standard and premium levels of fitting.

A standard, or non-premium fitting, will often be free, or at least free with a purchase. Every step up in technology and fitting expertise will most likely produce better results.
A non-premium fitting might be done by a local golf shop or teaching pro. They may have rudimentary technology such as basic launch monitors, though many still base their fitting on ball flight and the eye test. They’ll probably have a limited selection of heads and shafts on hand to hit. They might have one or more fitting carts from companies like Callaway, TaylorMade or Titleist. You’ll most likely get a set of golf clubs that measures you properly for your build and swing speeds because they’ve been doing that for years. Your fitter will have some training. If you go through this fitting, will you improve? Maybe.

For a more advanced,non-premium fitting, you may choose to go to a place like Edwin Watts, Golf Galaxy or Dick’s Sporting Goods. Some PGA professionals will fit into this category because of their experience, expanded equipment options and/or more advanced fitting technology. A location like this might have four, or even more, individual fitting carts from various manufacturers. Each manufacturer might have 10, 15 or more shaft options for their drivers, some of the same shafts as well as some unique to their brand. However, they cannot mix and match shafts and heads between fitting carts and they definitely won’t fit you for swing weight. They’ll incorporate a launch monitor and maybe some additional technologies. Fitters might be highly trained or just a sales associate with little training. In most cases, they also have to sell shirts, shoes and golf balls as well as to fit. Once you are fit, they’ll send your specifications to a club manufacturer to be built on an assembly line. Will you improve more if you visit a location like this? Probably.

Golf specialty stores often fit indoors while PGA professionals often fit outdoors. Indoors provides a true ball flight unaffected by wind, humidity or uneven turf conditions. Does it matter? Indoors, golfers are free of distractions and external elements that impact a golf ball. Golfers are better able to focus indoors, which allows for a more repeatable swing. Indoors you hit premium golf balls instead of range balls, which provides much more accurate feedback. Some may question if hitting off a mat alters performance, but a recent study showed that fairway turf grass and Fiberbuilt turf mats created identical ball speed, smash factors and spin rates on a TrackMan launch monitor, meaning hitting off turf isn’t an advantage in club fitting.
If you wish to treat yourself to a premium fitting, you would go to a place like Club Champion, Cool Clubs or Hot Stix. A premium fitter avails itself of the most advanced technology including TrackMan, SAM PuttLab, and SST PURE machines. SST PUREing identifies shaft irregularities that can cause problems when the shaft twists and bends during the swing. It finds the most stable bending plane or “neutral-axis” of every individual shaft, then aligns it in the clubhead to deliver longer, more accurate shots; as much as six additional yards.

A premium club fitter will have many more options available. At Club Champion, they offer more than 35,000 hittable head and shaft options from all the major brands, plus numerous other exotic offerings. Club Champion also stands out because they actually build clubs in-house, to exacting, unrivaled tolerances. Variables such as swing weight, length, lie and flex definitely alter performance. The experience and know-how in combining these intricate parts together is what separates Club Champion from its competition.

At Club Champion, master fitters go through more than 150 hours of training including monthly product training and testing. They must pass rigorous testing before they can be certified. As opposed to other retail locations, fitting is all that these people do. They’re not salespeople, they’re not cashiers; they are master fitters.
“Club Champion truly is one of the most innovative club fitters in the business. They provide a consumer experience that is undeniably helpful for all golfers to play better. We couldn’t be more thrilled with our partnership with Club Champion,” said TaylorMade CEO David Abeles.
InGolfMagazine’s August 2017 club fitting study, interviews with the testers revealed the expertise of Club Champion fitters had a lot to do with the very positive testing results. These golfers added an average of 19 yards off the tee and 10 yards with their irons. fit.


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French Lick: Donald Ross and Pete Dye at their finest

If the golf courses at French Lick Resort aren’t on your must-play list, adjust it. The Indiana boyhood home of NBA Hall of Famer Larry Bird also has two layouts that are turning the hoops hotbed into a golf playground as well.

OnCore Golf: Einstein in a golf ball Genius Ball is a launch monitor inside the ball and includes an electronic ball locator

By Mike Lednovich, Editor/Publisher

Orlando, Fla. — It was just a matter of time and hard work in the laboratory to figure out how to put electronics inside a golf ball that includes a GPS feature that tells you where your golf ball is located.

That’s a big break thru, but there’s a ton of more features included in OnCore Golf’s “Genius Ball, which the innovative company said it hopes to launch in time for the holidays in December.

OnCore Golf Technologies, Inc., is the Buffalo, New York-based company known for ground-breaking innovations in golf ball technology. Beyond the ability to locate an errant shot anywhere on the course, the Genius Ball™ will deliver a array of shot data that the company expects will initially

Genius Ball is a launch monitor inside the ball

– Ball location

– Time in the air
– G force at impact

– Angle of descent
– Initial velocity

– Carry distance
– Roll distance

– Degree of draw or fade

– Spin rate

– Height apex

The Genius Ball’s embedded electronic sensors and measurement systems, includes a GPS chip, that will determine a wide range of data for each shot, including the ball’s distance, flight path, velocity and spin rate, and will communicate over Bluetooth to player’s mobile devices in real time.

“The biggest obstacle to overcome was how do we protect the electronics inside the ball core when the ball flattens and compresses against the golf club,” said Bret Blakely, OnCore Golf cofounder and director of Branding & Marketing. “We figured it out and the Genius Ball essentially replaces a launch monitor. Think about that, golfers spend thousands of dollars on launch monitors. Now our Genius Ball tracks all the data and puts it on your cellphone or tablet.”

Blakely said OnCore expects to work with other golf application developers to allow the Genius Ball data to be easily integrated with other GPS and course visualization applications.

While a number of companies have attempted to create “smart” golf balls, the extreme g-forces encountered at club-impact are enough to damage or destroy most embedded electronics. OnCore has solved this issue utilizing an advancement of its patented hollow metal core technology. Creating a protective housing that will not interfere with the performance or feel of the golf ball, the OnCore engineering team is confident that golfers will be very impressed with playability of this unique ball. The Genius Ball™ project was accelerated following OnCore’s receipt of US Patent 9,717,956 on August 1, 2017, which describes one of several approaches to the protective shell. The company demonstrated a prototype of the Genius Ball™ at the 2018 PGA Merchandise Show and to begin shipments in the second quarter of next year.

“From our very first days, we have focused on creating unique products that deliver performance, enjoyment and encourage golfers to play this great game,” Bret Blakely explained. “Earlier this year, we introduced our first-ever tour ball, the ELIXR, and the player response has been overwhelming. We hear from customers every day bragging about the great results they are achieving with that ball. The intent of the Genius Ball™ is to provide data that helps golfers understand their performance on the course in real time to help them become better golfers. We are confident that what a launch monitor can do for a golfer on the driving range is what the Genius Ball™ will do on every hole and for every shot. Golfers crave technology and information and our new “Ball with a Brain” will deliver both.”

The company is providing golfers an opportunity to become the first to experience the product through their Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign. All participants will be notified when the Genius Ball is ready to ship and have priority in placing orders for the initial production run. To learn more about the Genius Ball Project, please visit http://www.geniusball.com


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French Lick: Donald Ross and Pete Dye at their finest

If the golf courses at French Lick Resort aren’t on your must-play list, adjust it. The Indiana boyhood home of NBA Hall of Famer Larry Bird also has two layouts that are turning the hoops hotbed into a golf playground as well.

2018 Tour Edge Hot Launch 3 driver adjustable and draw models Four-piece forged club head

Tour Edge engineers have worked tirelessly to bring a technological advanced driver to market that is also competitively priced. The new Hot Launch golf clubs fit both criteria and will be a solid inclusion into the Tour Edge line. The Hot Launch line is headlined by the new adjustable driver, suggested retail is $199.99.
The new titanium Hot Launch driver is adjustable with loft options from 8.5 to 12.0 degrees in 1 degree increments. Easy-to-use adjustability gives players great control in choosing the most efficient loft for optimal distance and accuracy. The head shape is very efficient aerodynamically to promote optimal club head speed for longer drives.
 The Hot Launch features a 460cc titanium four-piece forged club head. The driver’s deep face design and variable face thickness technology provide maximum power from more contact points on the face.
Weight is an important feature in the Hot Launch driver, including a weight positioned in the rear center of the sole creates a deep center of gravity for an easy launch and greater forgiveness on off-center hits. The internal sole design incorporates additional weight in the heel and toe to maximize stability and performance. Paired with a very light-weight shaft, Graffaloy ProLaunch Blue, the Hot Launch driver is destined to be light and long. The Graffaloy ProLaunch Blue shaft is tip responsive design allows all types of golfers to maximize their distance through improved launch angles.
A non-adjustable Draw version is also available. The club head is offset for proven slice-fighting control. The offset hosel allows the face to ‘square up’ at impact for a straighter ball flight.
The Hot Launch drivers carry Edge’s lifetime warranty, 30-day play guarantee, and are projected to be in stores the beginning of October. Available in Grafalloy ProLaunch Blue shaft – tip responsive design which allows all types of golfers to maximize distance through improved launch angles. Suggested retail: Adjustable $199.99; Draw version $149.99. For more information, call (800) 515-3343 or visit www.touredge.com.


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French Lick: Donald Ross and Pete Dye at their finest

If the golf courses at French Lick Resort aren’t on your must-play list, adjust it. The Indiana boyhood home of NBA Hall of Famer Larry Bird also has two layouts that are turning the hoops hotbed into a golf playground as well.

TaylorMade’s putter that thinks Spider is the first totally-integrated golf sensor product

   The Spider putter, TaylorMade’s most popular putter in company history and one of the most popular putters on the PGA TOUR in ’16-’17, takes the next step in its evolution with the incorporation of Blast’s motion capture sensors in TaylorMade’s first totally-integrated golf sensor product in company history.
   “When two industry leaders partner to combine innovative technology, and deliver a new user experience, it tends to set change in motion. We’ve created a powerful putting solution that analyzes a golfer’s putting stroke to provide improvement insights and help them understand how to progress through a guided improvement journey.”— Michael Fitzpatrick, Blast Motion CEO and co-founder
   Spider Interactive automatically captures valuable stroke metrics in a seamless, non-intrusive design built into the top of the putter’s grip. TaylorMade has also co-developed a matching mobile app — available on March 1 for iOS and in Q2 2018 for Android users — which takes the user on a simple, intuitive journey to become a better putter.
Spider Interactive measures key putting stroke metrics including timing (backstroke time, forward stroke time, tempo), impact stroke speed and face rotation. Users will be able to easily analyze details of their putting stroke and track progress over time with performance history and interactive graphs, along with tiered training modules and drills to help improve putting. The app will also feature video recording and playback capabilities so users can review and analyze their strokes. YouTube golf instructional personalities Me & My Golf will have tips and tutorial videos on the app for further developmental content.
The Spider Interactive Powered by Blast is available starting March 23, 2018 at $399 USD, and will be offered in an L-neck (21° toe hang) or double bend (face-balanced) hosel in 34” and 35”lengths in both RH and LH, coming in TaylorMade’s platinum colorway with a full front/back sightline in black.
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French Lick: Donald Ross and Pete Dye at their finest

If the golf courses at French Lick Resort aren’t on your must-play list, adjust it. The Indiana boyhood home of NBA Hall of Famer Larry Bird also has two layouts that are turning the hoops hotbed into a golf playground as well.

Bag Boy debuts 3 new bags for 2018 2 new cart bags and lots of new colors

Richmond, VA – The Bag Boy Company, a golf industry leader since 1946, is proud to announce their 2018 bag line featuring 2 new cart bags – the Defender and the Revolver FX, along with a new stand bag, the TL Stand Bag. New colorways are also introduced in the Chiller Hybrid and Chiller Cart Bags. “We are excited to announce our new bag line, all 5 models include our innovative attachment system, TOP-LOK™ Technology,” said Pat Gallagher, Bag Boy Product Manager.

©2017 Scott K. Brown Photography, Inc.

“TOP-LOK™ Technology is a patented bag-to-cart attachment system designed to securely lock a Bag Boy bag onto a Bag Boy push cart preventing the bag from twisting or turning, eliminating the need for cart straps,” said Gallagher. “We created a secure attachment that was lacking in the traditional brackets and straps method. The benefit with TOP-LOK™ is your bag will no longer twist and turn, requiring readjustment in the middle of your round.” Here’s the link for the full lineup:


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French Lick: Donald Ross and Pete Dye at their finest

If the golf courses at French Lick Resort aren’t on your must-play list, adjust it. The Indiana boyhood home of NBA Hall of Famer Larry Bird also has two layouts that are turning the hoops hotbed into a golf playground as well.

Cobra’s F8 Driver, hybrids and irons The King F8 and F8 One Length Irons feature ‘Smart’ Connectivity

Carlsbad, Calif. (Nov. 16, 2017) Cobra Golf today introduced its F8 irons, pushing the boundaries of innovation through the use of electronically enabled grips in each club, allowing golfers to track their performance with COBRA CONNECT™ Powered by Arccos technology. Thanks to game-changing construction technologies, including PWRSHELL™ Face Technology for increased speed and launch, Carbon Feel Technology for exceptional sound and feel, and TECFLOTM Progressive set construction for tailored performance throughout the set, COBRA’S F8 irons equip golfers with a dominant blend of distance, speed, and best-in-class feel, while COBRA CONNECT™ provides Tour level analytics to help golfers improve.

In addition to the drivers, fairways and hybrids, all KING F8 irons will feature the innovative COBRA CONNECT™ Powered by Arccos System to help players make smarter, data-driven decisions to improve their game. Electronically embedded sensors in the grip automatically record the distance and accuracy of every shot so golfers can track their improvements round-to-round. The fully connected set works in conjunction with the award-winning Arccos 360 smartphone application, which provides advanced rangefinder GPS distances for more than 40,000 courses.

Consumers who purchase a standard 7-piece set of F8 irons in any configuration (iron or combo sets) will also receive additional Arccos 360 screw-in sensors to round out their 14-club set, ensuring that consumers have a fully connected experience.

“Our 2018 iron offering is truly ground-breaking, as it provides not only innovative technologies to achieve better performance across the board, but also the wherewithal to actually quantify just how much better, thanks to COBRA CONNECT,” said Tom Olsavsky, Head of R&D for COBRA Golf. “Our F8 line offers an innovative solution for both the players who trust their games to variable length irons and also for the growing contingent of golfers who have realized the benefits of our ONE length set up.”

Headlining COBRA’s 2018 iron lineup are the KING F8 and KING F8 ONE Length™ Irons featuring an all-new E9™ PWRSHELL™ Face Technology that boasts a 20% thinner forged face. An E9™ elliptical Sweet Zone™ construction promotes faster ball speeds across a wider area on the face, delivering unparalleled distance and forgiveness. Both models feature Carbon Feel Technology inserts that are strategically-positioned to deliver a soft yet solid feel throughout the set. New all Carbon Fiber construction medallions dampen vibrations for exceptional sound and feel throughout the set.

COBRA’s patented TECFLOTM Progressive Set Construction Technology delivers tailored performance through varying cavity constructions to optimize the trajectory of each iron in the set, while Progressive Spin Technology improves groove structures through CNC milling to deliver optimum spin and trajectory performance from the long irons to wedges. A full hollow design in the long and mid irons (4-7) delivers low CG with an extremely responsive face for easier to hit, high-flying shots, while Milled V-Grooves reduce spin for maximum distance. In the mid to scoring irons (8-PW), a cavity back design delivers more accuracy on approach shots, meaning more greens-in-regulation and shorter birdie putts and Milled U-Grooves optimize spin for improved control and accuracy. A specialty wedge design in the GW, SW and LW provides improved feel and precision around the greens with tighter-spaced wedge grooves to increase spin for more precision. Progressive hosel lengths strategically position the CG for optimum launch throughout the set. Lower profile long irons, with shorter hosels, lower CG for improved launch and forgiveness. Progressively taller hosels in the scoring irons position CG higher and more forward in the clubhead for improved trajectory control and accuracy into greens.

To build upon COBRA’s widely-acclaimed KING F7 ONE Length irons, COBRA engineers incorporated unique TECFLO constructions in the F8 ONE Length irons that allowed them to manipulate weight to 7-iron specifications while keeping the look of a traditional iron, delivering the most technologically advanced ONE Length irons to date.

Improved trajectories were achieved using progressive hosel lengths paired with wider sole widths in the 4-6 irons to lower the CG in the long irons for higher-flying trajectories, and raise the CG in the scoring irons & wedges to promote lower, more controlled trajectories. In addition, COBRA has teamed up with its shaft partners to develop ONE Length specific flighted shafts that feature variable tipping executions to make the long irons play softer and launch higher and the short irons play stiffer and launch lower.

“Overall, I’d say the F7 ONE Length was a great surprise for us this year, surpassing all sales forecasts we had at the outset, and Bryson DeChambeau’s impressive win at the John Deere Classic this summer certainly helped generate even more interest,” said Olsavsky. “Now, as more players take note of the benefits provided by a ONE length set, we are excited to deliver the F8 line-up, with cutting-edge iron technologies that work in unison with the one length philosophy to make them even easier to hit and more consistent than before. And even better, with COBRA CONNECT, golfers don’t have to just take our word for it. They can clearly see just how much they’ve improved based on real data points. The numbers don’t lie.”

The new KING F8 variable length irons are available in a variety of stock set options (others are available in custom)

Men’s Steel Irons (MAP: $799) – 7-piece set that utilizes a Lamkin REL 360 (Tour Taper, CONNECT) grip; True Temper XP 90 steel shaft; includes 5-PW, GW and is available in both RH and LH versions in regular and stiff flexes.
Men’s Graphite Combo Set (MAP $999) – 7-piece set includes 5H, 6-PW, GW available in RH only in Regular and Lite flexes. Utilizes a Lamkin REL (Tour Taper, CONNECT) grip and Aldila Rogue Pro 65 Graphite shaft.
Women’s Graphite Combo Set (MAP $999) – 7-piece set includes 5H, 6H, 7-PW, SW – features the same innovative technologies found in the men’s irons including COBRA CONNECT. The ladies stock combo set in RH only, (LH through custom) features COBRA Lamkin REL 360 (COBRA CONNECT silver/pink or black/blue grips) and Aldila Rogue 60 gram graphite shafts.
The KING F8 ONE (MAP: $799 steel; $899 graphite through custom) will be available in both RH and LH versions, in a 5-PW, GW standard set make-up. F8 ONE comes stock with Lamkin Crossline 360 (Tour Taper; COBRA CONNECT Blue/Red) grips and in either Aldila One Rogue 65 (graphite – stiff, regular, lite) or True Temper ONE Flighted (steel – stiff and regular) shaft options.

Complementing the F8 ONE LENGTH Irons, COBRA is introducing the industry’s first-ever ONE LENGTH Hybrid. The KING F8 ONE LENGTH Hybrid features revised weighting and CG, an upright lie angle, and increased head weight to match the ONE Length irons.

The Men’s KING F8 ONE Graphite 7-piece Combo Set (6-GW, 5H) is available in RH only at a retail price of $999 in Reg/Lite flex. Features a Graphite Aldila Rogue Pro ONE Length 65 shaft and Lamkin REL 360 (Tour Taper/CONNECT Blue/Red) grip.

The entire family of KING F8 Irons will be available at retail beginning February 2, 2018. For more information on the entire KING family of products, visit cobragolf.com. Join the conversation using #CobraCONNECT and #KINGF8.

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French Lick: Donald Ross and Pete Dye at their finest

If the golf courses at French Lick Resort aren’t on your must-play list, adjust it. The Indiana boyhood home of NBA Hall of Famer Larry Bird also has two layouts that are turning the hoops hotbed into a golf playground as well.

A $5.50 golf ball, shame on Titleist

The latest golf ball hype out of the Titleist labs is the new AVX golf ball. How much a dozen? Try $62 on Ebay plus $10 shipping.
Let’s get real here. How much better can this golf ball be than the Pro VI at generally $40 online?
Titleist says the AVX, which is on the USGA Conforming List of Golf Balls, is intended for golfers looking for a premium performance golf ball with long distance and a soft feel.

A $5.50 golf ball, will it fly with consumers?

The statement of the golf ball box states: “AVX utilizes innovative, high speed, low compression core technology, resulting in a powerful engine to drive remarkable distance with exceptionally soft feel.”
This is just more nonsense from the golf manufacturers whose greed knows no bounds.
I’m playing a $14 per dozen closeout Nike ball that performs better than the Pro VI or Pro VIX.
Don’t fall for the claims. Save your money for beer and meal upgrade in the clubhouse.
What do you have to lose? A $5.50 golf ball is all.

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French Lick: Donald Ross and Pete Dye at their finest

If the golf courses at French Lick Resort aren’t on your must-play list, adjust it. The Indiana boyhood home of NBA Hall of Famer Larry Bird also has two layouts that are turning the hoops hotbed into a golf playground as well.