About Us

My golf writing career began in a golf cart being driven by Bob Toski at the Coral Ridge Country Club in Ft. Lauderdale, Fl.

I was a raw reporter/intern at the Miami Herald assigned to cover the Florida Open and Toski was my designated guide on the final day of the tournament. It was an unforgettable five hours with Toski spinning tales of the PGA, sprinkled with ribald jokes. Bob Murphy took home the trophy.

Now 50 (oh my gosh) years later, I’m still writing about my passion — all things golf.

Gator Golf Digital Magazine is my personal baby. We’re publishing from Amelia Island, Fl. after moving from Orange County, Ca., where I resided for 31 years.

I’m a 12 handicap, who can’t quite decide if he’s a one-plane (Jim Hardy) or two-plane (Butch Harmon) swinger. They say the devil is in the details and I can tell you I’m in “swing hell” with way too many swing thoughts.

My goal is to provide you with an average golfer’s perspective on travel, golf courses, equipment, training aids and accessories. There are a lot of sites out there. Add mine to the list. At launching, I’m self funded so our content will be not be influenced by advertisers.

I also think golfers are among the most interesting people on the planet, so let’s hear from you about your experiences.

So here we go, let me know what you like, hate or should change.

— Mike Lednovich, Editor and Publisher