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Dean Reinmuth with The Swing Coach 5 Fridays Until the Holidays

While everyone else is making New Year’s resolutions about exercising more and losing weight, all the golf lovers out there are making resolutions about improving their swing. Good news is Dean Reinmuth is here to help!

Dean Reinmuth is your coach with The Swing Coach

Dean Reinmuth, a world renowned and multi-awarded top 50 golf coach by both Golf Digest and Golf Magazine can help give you the tips you’ve been missing that have been holding you back from being the best player you can be.

With the help of Dean, this year that can all change. Dean would like to look at your swing, analyze it and give you tips.

New Year, New Swing
The practice club you need to change your game in 2018!

Dean would like to personally help you start off the new year right so you can achieve a new and improved swing! He has coached many top Tour players worldwide for over 25 years, including Ricky Barnes, Hee Won Han, Phil Mickelson, Rory Sabbatini, and Dave Stockton, and now he can share his wisdom with you! Your readers will learn how to swing like a pro this new year through you!

Dean will introduce to you Swing Coach, the game changing practice club he co-created. Swing Coach helps you become a better coach of your own swing. It’s like having Dean Reinmuth in your bag. Swing Coach allows you to learn and self-correct every swing, which helps you correct and improve your swing much quicker. It is the only practice club that allows you to both see and feel the results of your practice swings.

Start off the year right and don’t miss the chance to make your New Year’s resolution come true.

Here are just some of the ways Dean can help you and your audience create a new and improved swing this new year:

Self-Awareness: All good players must have the ability to correct their mechanics at any point during the round. This ability to self correct is the key element to lower scores. Dean can help you develop personal awareness of knowing what your swing is doing and then what your swing should be doing instead. You can’t fix what you are not aware of.
Consistency: Every player hits good shots from time to time. The reason you don’t hit your best shots more often is due to improper technique, such as swing path, swing pace, and improper release. Dean can help you pinpoint where your incorrect technique is which will increase the consistency of your swings.
Proper Swing Pace: Dean will teach you how to develop the feel for proper gradual club head acceleration and show you what it feels like to have great rhythm in your swing. The proper pace rhythm feels like the gradual acceleration of a roller coaster that is gradually picking up speed.
Scoring Shots: The ability to score well is determined by your ability to hit your less than full swing shots close to the hole. Dean will show you personalized adjustments you need to make to your swings to either add more or less distance for your pitch or chip shots.
Distance: Everyone wants more distance or to be able maintain their distance longer as they get older. Dean can help you develop a more consistent swing path and release along with efficient acceleration for greater club-head speed. This will produce more on center of the club contact and that effortless distance you’re looking for that all the best players have.

You can read about swing coach here

The Swing Coach identifies flaws in your swing and helps correct them.

– Kelly Rose, Rose Media

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French Lick: Donald Ross and Pete Dye at their finest

If the golf courses at French Lick Resort aren’t on your must-play list, adjust it. The Indiana boyhood home of NBA Hall of Famer Larry Bird also has two layouts that are turning the hoops hotbed into a golf playground as well.

Toptracer: Bringing Topgolf to your local driving range Game technology means you just won't be mindlessly pounding a bucket of balls

By Mike Lednovich, Editor & Publisher

ORLANDO, Fl. — The wave of change is coming. It’s called the gamification of golf that began with the hugely successful Topgolf explosion. Now, Toptracer, the technology behind Topgolf, is changing the way you’ll experience hitting balls at the driving range.

It has already taken hold at the Del Mar Golf Center in Del Mar, Ca.  Customers no longer buy a bucket of balls and pound them onto the range.  Instead, golfers now rent a hitting bay outfitted with Toptracer tracking devices and see their results on an accompanying monitor. There’s a variety of games included in the software.

“The driving range experience has always been one dimensional. You hit balls with absolutely no feedback or data,” said Ani Mehta, VP of Corporate Development for Toptracer. “We’re changing that with Toptracer. We now have launch monitors calibrated to the actual pins and targets on the driving range. Now you can store data club-by-club over time to your cellphone.”

That’s cool, but the seismic shift in this gamification movement are the features in the software.

Consider this:

  • A points game – you can challenge your friends to a points game based on how close you hit the balls to the targets.
  • A virtual game – where you can play up to 18 holes on a world renowned course. The software includes Pebble Beach. Golfers can play a full round in about 45 minutes.
  • Long drive contest – you can turn the range into a long drive grid to see who is the ‘big do’ in your group.
  • Closest to the pin – the premium is on accuracy with the ultimate prize a hole-in-one.

There’s also a ‘What’s in my bag’ component that tracks every club you hit, stores the results in a database and tracks your progress. You can share your results with an online community.

“We’re currently at 25 driving ranges, seven in the U.S. and 18 in Europe,” Mehta said. “This is brand new technology that we’ve been developing for the past couple of years.”

Del Mar Golf Center has six covered hitting bays with Toptracer tracking devices.

Del Mar charges $25 for one hour on the hitting bay for up to four people that includes a large bucket (100 balls).

They also offer group rates (3 bays) for $125 an hour.

The hitting bays are configured with a seating area and tables, similar to Topgolf.

“The whole driving range profit model is changed. Instead of making money from a bucket of balls, driving range operators now make money from their food and beverage services,” Mehta explained. “They’ll see groups of people at their range, not just single golfers. This model attracts a completely different demographic.”

Del Mar features six covered Toptracer hitting bays.

“We want people to come out and try it just to have some fun.  We want to show that it can be a recreational thing. You don’t have to take five to six hours to play and be frustrated if you don’t play well,” said Matt Clay, the facility’s general manager in a story in the San Diego Union-Tribune. “The potential is that if you don’t play, this is an opportunity to bridge the gap and get people into the game. It’s not going to convert everybody, but the chance to put a club into someone’s hand is a start.”

Toptracer promises to be a game changer for driving range operators as well as golfers who use them.

“We’re eliminating the monotony of aimlessly hitting ball after ball with the same club, one after another — like many of most golfers do,” Mehta said.  “Toptracer allows golfers to mix things up while providing instant feedback about how you’re ball striking, and has you focused on specific targets instead of into an open range.”

You can read about the Del Mar Golf Center here

You can read about Toptracer at









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French Lick: Donald Ross and Pete Dye at their finest

If the golf courses at French Lick Resort aren’t on your must-play list, adjust it. The Indiana boyhood home of NBA Hall of Famer Larry Bird also has two layouts that are turning the hoops hotbed into a golf playground as well.

The Release Video Series: Are you a shotmaker or a ballstriker? Jim Hardy and Chris O'Connell detail what must happen at the moment of truth

By Mike Lednovich, Editor & Publisher

OCOEE, FL. — So you want to have the swing of a tour pro. Question is, which pro?

Is it Rickie Fowler or Sergio Garcia? Maybe Bubba Watson or even Tom Watson.

“I classify the swings of tour pros into two groups – shotmakers and ballstrikers,” said renowned instructor Jim Hardy, while sitting on the patio of the Forest Lake Golf Club on a windy afternoon. “Bubba Watson, Phil Michelson, they’re shotmakers, They curve the ball. Sergio Garcia, Rickie Fowler hit the ball with not a lot of side spin. But they can curve it if they want to. They’re ballstrikers.”

Why this matters to golfers is critical because in squaring the clubface at impact, the swing mechanics of shotmakers should never be used by ballstrikers and vise versa .

Hardy detailed the components of each swing at the impact position in his book “The Release: Golf’s Moment of Truth” in 2016. Now, Hardy and teaching partner Chris O’Connell are launching the video version of “The Release” which is four hours of streaming instruction available at

Chris O’Connell

“We think ‘The Release, golf’s moment of truth’ video series is ground breaking instruction,” said O’Connell. “Jim and I love to work on the zone of the swing that hits the ball.”

Hardy first rattled the foundation of golf instruction with his groundbreaking book “The Plane Truth for Golfers” published in 2005 and then the instruction videos “The Plane Truth.”

In the book and videos, Hardy identified two categories in which all golf swings can be divided and analyzed. More importantly, he found two separate sets of fundamentals for each swing. Hardy labels these two categories as the “One Plane Swing” and the “Two Plane” Swing.


“My mentor John Jacobs said it best – the sole purpose of the golf swing is to produce a correct repetitive impact. The method employed is of no significance as long as it is correct and repetitive. That’s what we’re teaching in The Release videos,” Hardy said.  “Current touring pros who swing on decidedly upright planes — The Two Plane — include Bubba Watson, Ian Poulter, Jason Day, Karrie Webb, Cristie Kerr. While the decidedly flatter plane — One Plane — players are Hunter Mahan, Sergio Garcia, Rory McIlroy, Rickie Fowler, and Matt Kuchar.”

The differences between “two plane” and “one plane” players are dramatic.

Sergio Garcia is a “One Planer”
Phil Michelson is a “Two planer”

“Two plane swingers include leverage, pullers, hitters, left arm/hand and outward. One plane swingers include swing the clubhead, throwers, swingers, right arm/hand and inward,” Hardy explained. “You can see by these descriptions their opposite natures.”

Hardy said an important aspect of The Release videos is for golfers to understand these opposite factors.

‘It’s when we see opposites side-by-side that we fully understand them. Without sour, we don’t fully understand sweet.” Hardy said. “That’s exactly what we do in The Release video series. If you want a sweet swing, you don’t want to use the ingredients from the sour swing.”

Hardy identifies each release as LOP (Left/Outward/Pull) and RIT ( Right/Inward/Throw).

“We present elements of the LOP and RIT very close to each other because I believe we learn effectively in a blank universe. We show you what to do and not what to do. If you understand the opposite, your not wondering where you are in your golf swing,”Hardy said.

The videos have three sections:

  • The history and terminology of release and swing plane; the correct motion of LOB and RIT releases
  • Shots, swing faults and drills for proper mechanics
  • Examples of LOP and RIT players on tour with analysis by Hardy and O’Connell
Jim Hardy

“Prior to the Plane Truth, 90 percent of golf instruction and people playing were two plane. If you had a one-plane swing it was believed you did something special to make it work. Jim’s book changed all of that,” said O’Connell, who works with Matt Kuchar, Hunter Mahan, and Gavin Green and is a Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher. “We teach both two-plane and one-plane. We’re not teaching a quote method way. We’re teaching proven swing mechanics based on a person’s build and their physical capabilities. For us, it’s all about having a square face at impact and how you can do that over and over.”

Hardy believes the videos the help golfes better understand the concepts of the book.

“There’s tons of photos in the book, but they’re static and one dimensional,” he said.  “In the videos we very much want to get people who read the book to not only get the correct moves, but also have some big ‘a ha’ moments.”


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French Lick: Donald Ross and Pete Dye at their finest

If the golf courses at French Lick Resort aren’t on your must-play list, adjust it. The Indiana boyhood home of NBA Hall of Famer Larry Bird also has two layouts that are turning the hoops hotbed into a golf playground as well.