Everything is ‘Smart’ including IOFIT golf shoes Spin-off from Samsung offers shoe that tracks your weight transfer or lack thereof

By Mike Lednovich, Editor/Publisher

ORLANDO, Fl. — Smart technology is dominating the convention floor of the 2018 PGA Merchandise Show. Joining the geeks leveraging golf crowd is a Korean company – IOFIT – offering a line of ‘smart’ golf shoes.

IOFIT and its companion software will compare your weight transfer with a golf pro.

IOFIT was developed by Samsung’s first ever spin-off company, Salted Ventures, a Korean company that came to Samsung with a curious posture/weight, balance algorithm that analyzed athletes and how they used weight transfer to create power.


The results are a new golf shoe that has embedded senors in the outer sole that monitors pressure points on the foot translating that information to a create a real time image of where weight is being supported or not supported during the golf swing. Weight transfer, of course, is critical in the golf swing.

The senors are married to a cellphone or tablet via a blue tooth app that essentially creates a 3D map of your feet — including front and back weight and how it fluctuates during the golf swing. Included is a split window so a golfer can compare is weight transfer profile to that of a touring professional golfer. So it’s what are you doing compared to what you should be doing.

Of course all of the data can be archived for later comparisons.

“The power of the program is the ability to see the swing characteristics of a touring pro and how they shift their weight and compare it to the weight transfer profile of your swing,” said Jungsoo Park, marketing director for Salted Venture, which is based in Seoul, Korea. “The program allows you to record in slow motion or side-by-side with a previously recorded video. You can run both videos at the same time for comparison.”


The shoe sensors are waterproof and carefully built to withstand excessive amount of weight, including Bubba golfers up to 330 lbs.  IOFIT was designed to accurately detect every subtle changes in the weight pressure distribution in a matter of milliseconds.

“We’ve concentrated our efforts to ensure developing a great piece of technology, but also a great shoe in and of itself,” Park said. “With the help of a product designer from PING and some of the finest shoe manufacturers in South Korea, we’ve carefully designed and tested IOFIT to ensure developing a durable, breathable, waterproof, and lightweight golf shoe. The shoe uses a dime sized battery good for 30 hours capturing data.”

You can learn more about IOFIT at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1325722173/iofit-the-first-smart-shoes-to-improve-your-golf-g