Seven Dreamers: golf shafts for the 1% The ultimate materials and process will cost you plenty

By Mike Lednovich, Editor & Publisher

ORLANDO, Fl. — When you hear Michael Rossi, VP of Sales for Seven Dreamers Golf Shafts, describe the aerospace materials and the autoclave curing oven used to produce their shafts, you come away impressed.

Oh my gosh, I’ve got to get these you think.

Then comes literally the money question. How much? The answer, $1,200 per shaft plus another $1,200 for fitting. Ouch, that $16,800 for a full set.

I know, you’ve stopped reading. But if you’ve got a super fat, golf slush fund, please read on.

“To retain 100% of the carbon fibers’ quality, we don’t polish or grind the carbon fiber of the shafts. Think about that. When you grind a material, you’re losing or weakening fibers,” Rossi explained. “Instead, we use autoclaves to bake the shafts, thereby eliminating the need for polishing and grinding. Using autoclaves enables us to manufacture the world’s highest quality carbon golf shafts created with less resin and more carbon fiber. It gives a golfer a better and smoother feeling in their shots resulting in better control and more distance.”

Autoclaves are often used in the manufacture of high-precision carbon products such as parts for satellites and high speed aircraft.  Seven Dreamers products are manufactured in Tokyo by craftsmen who make each shaft carefully one by one.

“Once we remove the shaft from the mold, we literally trim ithe shaft to length and wipe it down. The surface condition is perfect,” Rossi said. “So there are no unbroken fibers. There are no fiber tears. We have no fiber bullets. Those are factors other manufacturers contend with that contributes to incongruities and inconsistencies in their shafts.”

Seven Dreamers traces its roots in the aerospace industry with the “Hayabusa” spacecraft, an unmanned vehicle that Japan landed on an asteroid in 1998, collected samples and then successfully returned to earth.

“So we use the very best materials and a process that is very precise and unique. That’s our story,” Rossi said. “The feel of the shafts is very responsive. Our customers are golfers who want the very best.”

Rossi said the company offers 28 different skews of shafts from 43 grams to 83 grams and up to XXX stiff.

You can find a U.S. fitting center by going to this link



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