OnCore: Elixr golf ball breaks the traditional mold

By Mike Lednovich, Editor & Publisher

ORLANDO, Fl. — I like cutting edge companies that go toe-to-toe with the staid USGA. OnCore has been working on incorporating new materials — like metal — into their golf balls for several years now.

According to company co-founder Bret Blakely, it was a struggle to get their new golf ball USGA approved.

“We feel like David versus Goliath,” Blakely told a group of golf writers. “But the USGA finally approved the ball.”

OnCore’s The ELIXR™ tour ball is built using a triphase architecture that combines proprietary chemical blends and advanced material elements to create the ultimate golf ball.

“We recently received a letter from the USGA that Elixr had maxed out the specifications,” Blakely said. “We’re getting great reviews from the Tour guys who use it.”

OnCore says the high Coefficient of Restitution that ELIXR™ achieves has surpassed all expectations and results in outstanding performance. The idea behind such construction is intended to shift weighting to the perimeter, thus shedding backspin against wind. The movement of weight also creates a ball with increased MOI, allowing more forgiveness on mis-hits.

The ELIXR™ features perimeter weighting to increase the moment of inertia and reduces spin decay to carry the ball further, provide more stable and predictable flight, and a premium urethane cover that delivers amazing short-game feel and performance.

“We entered the golf ball market five years ago by literally making history with our hollow-metal core golf balls,” said Blakely. “However we’ve never stopped innovating and exploring approaches to golf ball design and construction that would benefit golfers of all skill levels. By creating a top tier product and jumping into the professional golf scene head first with the ELIXIR, we are staying true to our vision of being innovators-‘from Core to Cover’- and offering golfers an alternative to the status quo that has dominated the golf industry for the past century. And we’re just getting started!”

The Elixr ball features:

  • 85 compression rating
  • Soft feel around the green
  • Perimeter weighting increases accuracy and control
  • Composite core provides maximum velocity and distance
  • Double Cast Urethane cover
  • Conforms to USGA & RA rules of golf

For more information go to http://www.oncoregolf.com/

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