Big, little things from the PGA Show Nifty one off products that can make a golfer's day

ORLANDO, Fl. — Strolling up and down the aisles of the behemoth convention floor of the PGA Show, you’ll find tucked in little 10X10 display areas lots of products — some good, some bad — fighting for a toehold in the golf industry. Here are a few we especially like:


You know those “Crocs” shoes that are great for the beach or lounging around in, well I-Cover has taken that material and fashioned a nifty line of colorful headcovers that are also very functional.

First, they go on and off with the squeeze of your fingers.  Second, they’re completely washable with a hose and a cloth. Because I-Cover is made from flexible EVA form materials, it’s light and can fold to fit in your pocket. They feature a on-slip grip and protect both the clubhead and the hosel. It won’t stretch and lose its shape. And, they’re available in a rainbow of cool colors. Available for driver, fairway metals and hybrids. Go to


Eye Putt Pro

We were amazed at how bad our putting posture was as we tried out the Eye Putt Pro at their booth. The compact training aid enables you to visually learn a consistent putting posture in just minutes. It quickly attaches to your putter and has two elements — a level and a mirror.

Golfers learn repeatable muscle memory by leveling the bubble and then seeing your eyes in the mirror.

Eye Putt Pro’s immediate visual feedback positions your eyes over the golf ball and levels your putter flat to the putting green. Automatically you will also learn proper spine angle, balanced weight distribution and relax your hands below the shoulders where they should be for a pendulum putting stroke.

They say if you want to putt like the pros, learn consistency and confidence you start by practicing with the Eye Putt Pro at home or five minutes before your tee time. It’s like Having your own professional golf instructor conveniently in the golf bag.

Goe to



X Marks The Putt

I was headed to an interview when a voice shouted, “you got 30 seconds?”  As I turned to look, a nice woman followed up with, “come on, you’ve got 30 seconds.”

I was glad I stopped because i Discovered X Marks The Putt — which is essentially a magic marker for greens. Instead of a ball marker, you just dab the marker behind you’re ball. No more fumbling around for that danged marker.

I know, aren’t the greens going to be littered with tiny dots all over the place.

No, because the marker uses a special ink which disappears after 15 minutes. Pretty cool. The ink is also non-staining on skin or clothing.
X Marks The Putt comes with a clip that secures easily to belt or hat.




itsThougthful Golf Bag Beer Glass

Let’s end with a fun item intended more for the 19th hole whether in the clubhouse or your den. It’s the Golf Bag Beer Mug which will bring a smile to your face no matter how bad the round was.

The Golf Bag Beer Glass is a patented glass designed in the shape of a golf bag – with intricate details of a golf bag. For all green jackets, duffers and bag-rats alike.

itsThoughtful, the company behind the beer bag, says it’s “A beer glass that is truly worthy of the 19th hole with the perfect combination of style, function and intricate details (of a golf bag) that any golfer would appreciate. The Golf Bag Beer Glass will deliver an unforgettable 19th hole experience for any golfer.”

It’s available in Clear and Frosted finishes and holds 15 ounces of your favorite beverage.
Machine pressed glass is Dishwasher safe. Go to

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