Popticals: folding sunglasses that go beyond style NYDEF lenses make greens and fairway 'pop'

By Mike Lednovich, Editor/Publisher

ORLANDO, Fl. — I can run out of fingers counting the number of sunglasses that have been ruined in golf carts and my golf bag over the years. Previous foldable sunglasses were small and flimsy with cheap lenses.

The folks at Popticals have solved that problem with a pretty tony line of eyewear that fold easily for compact storage and sport lenses designed for on field — like golf — sports.

“The nylon material used to make NYDEF Golf lenses gives golfers a competitive edge because NDYEF lenses
are as clear as glass and 18% lighter in weight then polycarbonate lenses used in most other sunglasses,” said John Swanson, VP of Sales.

So what makes NYDEF golf diferent?

Popticals has partnered with optics industry leader Carl Zeiss Vision to create golf-specific lenses that bring visual precision to every golfer.

“NYDEF™ GOLF lenses feature purple and violet tints to reduce the green saturation of the course, allowing the different shades of green to be more easily distinguished,” Swanson explained. “With that Enhanced Contrast – Optimized coloration and sharper contrast helps you see the topography of the course clearly while also enabling better tracking and visibility of the ball.”


Unlike Non-Polarized, On Purpose – Polarized lenses that flatten the image you see and affect depth perception, NYDEF™ GOLF keeps depth of field intact and allows you to see reflected light that helps distinguish between varying textures and conditions of the course.

“You’ll rarely misread the greens again because NYDEF GOLF lenses reveals contours, ridges and grain patterns by helping to lessen the saturation of the greens,” Swanson said. “The light reflecting off the blades of grass can give you critical information about the direction of the grain. Unlike polarized lenses, NYDEF GOLF allows you to see these reflections, and adjust your shots accordingly.”

A rail system like none other is used to transform Popticals into their compact shape

“The FL2 Micro-Rail System started with a deceptively simple challenge: how can sports sunglasses compact down to a portable size?” Swanson said. “Sports sunglasses have a wrap-around style with curved lenses and frames to ensure a secure fit around the head during active use. The problem with a curved, wrap-around design is that they take up a lot of space inside unwieldy, bulky cases when they’re not in use and cannot be folded up. To build a true portable wrap-around design required something different. We broke the mold and engineered a completely new approach.”

At the heart of Popticals’ patented design is the FL2 Micro-Rail System. Using a rail system build into the frames, the lenses to slide inward and parallel to each other for compact storage. The temple sections of the sunglasses fold inwards using two hinges for a truly small carrying size.

“The technology allows tour sunglasses to keep the curved design elements of wrap-around sunglasses for active use without the large and bulky storage size,” Swanson said. “The rail system ensures that the lenses never touch each other.”

The rail system uses stainless steel pins that move along a track within the frames for smooth and effortless movement. A powerful magnet guides and locks in the connecting pieces in the center of the frames to create a secure and solid connection. All components of the FL2 Micro-Rail System are made from corrosion and rust-proof materials to ensure durable, long-lasting functionality.

That unique design is covered by eleven patents, five utility patents and six design patents. This innovative new technology not only allows Popticals their unique portability while providing a wrap-around style, but exists as a standout product that establishes a new category for sunglasses.

To see how Popticals sunglasses work, go to at popticals.com/how-popticals-work. For retailer sales
inquiries, contact John Swanson at jswanson@popticals.com.

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