Everything is ‘smart’ including IOFIT golf shoes Samsung spin-off measures and records weight transfer

By Mike Lednovich, Editor/Publisher

ORLANDO, FL. — Smart technology is clearly dominating the convention floor of the 2018 PGA Merchandise show. Joining the geek leveraging golf crowd is newcomer IOFIT — a golf shoe with sensors that displays via blue tooth a 3D image of weight pressure point during a golf swing.

IOFIT and its companion software will compare your weight transfer with a golf pro.

IOFIT is the brain child of Salted Ventures, Samsung’s first spin-off and a crowd funded venture into athletics and technology exploring how athletes use weight to build power.

The IOFIT shoes are embedded with pressure sensors in the outer soles that are used to measure forces in different areas of the foot. Along with an application, it determines the golfer’s balance at address and subsequent weight transfer, which are critical to the golf swing

The application displays a 3D image where you can see data measured from under the feet.

“The application displays the center of weight in what we call a pressure map. It displays front and back weight and how that weight shifts and fluctuates during the golf swing,” said Jungsoo Park, Marketing Director of Salted Ventures. “In real time, the sensors are showing you if you remain steady relying on good form and technique.”

The app also features tour pros and their swing weight profiles.

“Users can put their weight display side-by-side to that of a tour pro and see how they compare,” Park said. “It tells you how pros used weight to generate power and whether you’re leveraging the ground forces to do the same thing.”

Park said golfers can record a swing, save it and later compare that video with later swings, building a swing archive. They can watch video in slow motion, side-by-side with a previous video.

“They can even run the videos simultaneously. They can also edit and trim the video footage to focus on  a particular area of their technique and identify flaws in their swing motion,” Park said. “IOFIT will analyze your swing based on your balance data and highlight mistakes you are making, be it as simple as leaning forward too much to transitioning your weight too late at the impact.”

IOFIT was designed to accurately detect every subtle changes in the pressure distribution in a matter of milliseconds. The sensors themselves are waterproof and carefully built to withstand excessive amount of weight, even Bubba golfers up to 330 pounds.


“We’ve concentrated our efforts to ensure developing a great piece of technology, but also a great shoe in and of itself,” Park said. “With help of a product designer from PING and some of the finest shoe manufacturers in South Korea, we’ve carefully designed and tested IOFIT to ensure developing a durable, breathable, waterproof, and lightweight golf shoe.”

For more information go to this link https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1325722173/iofit-the-first-smart-shoes-to-improve-your-golf-g

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