golf8.5 – simplifying the swing in sequence Getting the 1,001 swing thoughts out of your brain

Former pro golfer and PGA instructor Kay McMahon maintains there’s a lot of bunk in golf instruction.

“You’ll watch TV and they say rotate your hips for speed. Well, if you do that you’ll swing out and across. Welcome you’re now a slicer,” she said in presenting golf8.5 to a group of writers at the Tour Edge Media Event. “If we want to grow the game, we have to change the way we’re teaching this.”

McMahon has developed golf8.5, a teaching methods that focuses on eight and half movements in the golf swing – 4 in establishing the setup and four and a half in the swing.

Her method debunks many of the established rules of instruction, like posture.

“We never teach posture. There’s no such thing. Every one establishes there own posture when they step into the ball to setup. So the posture happens automatically,” McMahon stated. “We believe effective learning begins in learning in parts. We believe you begin movements slow to fast.”

“When you follow Golf 8.5, the ‘1001 things’ that are traditionally taught happen automatically.  You no longer have to think about anything else,” she said.

So to establish the beginning, golf8.5 uses G-CAP – grip, clubhead, alignment and posture.

The swing is four and half movements – the Y formed by the arms and shoulders, creating an L on the backswing, together which form the box. From the top, the box like an elevator moves down and so on.

“It’s teaching so golfers can self correct themselves on the golf course,” she said. “These positions should never change.”

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