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Big, little things from the PGA Show Nifty one off products that can make a golfer's day

ORLANDO, Fl. — Strolling up and down the aisles of the behemoth convention floor of the PGA Show, you’ll find tucked in little 10X10 display areas lots of products — some good, some bad — fighting for a toehold in the golf industry. Here are a few we especially like:


You know those “Crocs” shoes that are great for the beach or lounging around in, well I-Cover has taken that material and fashioned a nifty line of colorful headcovers that are also very functional.

First, they go on and off with the squeeze of your fingers.  Second, they’re completely washable with a hose and a cloth. Because I-Cover is made from flexible EVA form materials, it’s light and can fold to fit in your pocket. They feature a on-slip grip and protect both the clubhead and the hosel. It won’t stretch and lose its shape. And, they’re available in a rainbow of cool colors. Available for driver, fairway metals and hybrids. Go to


Eye Putt Pro

We were amazed at how bad our putting posture was as we tried out the Eye Putt Pro at their booth. The compact training aid enables you to visually learn a consistent putting posture in just minutes. It quickly attaches to your putter and has two elements — a level and a mirror.

Golfers learn repeatable muscle memory by leveling the bubble and then seeing your eyes in the mirror.

Eye Putt Pro’s immediate visual feedback positions your eyes over the golf ball and levels your putter flat to the putting green. Automatically you will also learn proper spine angle, balanced weight distribution and relax your hands below the shoulders where they should be for a pendulum putting stroke.

They say if you want to putt like the pros, learn consistency and confidence you start by practicing with the Eye Putt Pro at home or five minutes before your tee time. It’s like Having your own professional golf instructor conveniently in the golf bag.

Goe to



X Marks The Putt

I was headed to an interview when a voice shouted, “you got 30 seconds?”  As I turned to look, a nice woman followed up with, “come on, you’ve got 30 seconds.”

I was glad I stopped because i Discovered X Marks The Putt — which is essentially a magic marker for greens. Instead of a ball marker, you just dab the marker behind you’re ball. No more fumbling around for that danged marker.

I know, aren’t the greens going to be littered with tiny dots all over the place.

No, because the marker uses a special ink which disappears after 15 minutes. Pretty cool. The ink is also non-staining on skin or clothing.
X Marks The Putt comes with a clip that secures easily to belt or hat.




itsThougthful Golf Bag Beer Glass

Let’s end with a fun item intended more for the 19th hole whether in the clubhouse or your den. It’s the Golf Bag Beer Mug which will bring a smile to your face no matter how bad the round was.

The Golf Bag Beer Glass is a patented glass designed in the shape of a golf bag – with intricate details of a golf bag. For all green jackets, duffers and bag-rats alike.

itsThoughtful, the company behind the beer bag, says it’s “A beer glass that is truly worthy of the 19th hole with the perfect combination of style, function and intricate details (of a golf bag) that any golfer would appreciate. The Golf Bag Beer Glass will deliver an unforgettable 19th hole experience for any golfer.”

It’s available in Clear and Frosted finishes and holds 15 ounces of your favorite beverage.
Machine pressed glass is Dishwasher safe. Go to

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French Lick: Donald Ross and Pete Dye at their finest

If the golf courses at French Lick Resort aren’t on your must-play list, adjust it. The Indiana boyhood home of NBA Hall of Famer Larry Bird also has two layouts that are turning the hoops hotbed into a golf playground as well.

The Release Video Series: Are you a shotmaker or a ballstriker? Jim Hardy and Chris O'Connell detail what must happen at the moment of truth

By Mike Lednovich, Editor & Publisher

OCOEE, FL. — So you want to have the swing of a tour pro. Question is, which pro?

Is it Rickie Fowler or Sergio Garcia? Maybe Bubba Watson or even Tom Watson.

“I classify the swings of tour pros into two groups – shotmakers and ballstrikers,” said renowned instructor Jim Hardy, while sitting on the patio of the Forest Lake Golf Club on a windy afternoon. “Bubba Watson, Phil Michelson, they’re shotmakers, They curve the ball. Sergio Garcia, Rickie Fowler hit the ball with not a lot of side spin. But they can curve it if they want to. They’re ballstrikers.”

Why this matters to golfers is critical because in squaring the clubface at impact, the swing mechanics of shotmakers should never be used by ballstrikers and vise versa .

Hardy detailed the components of each swing at the impact position in his book “The Release: Golf’s Moment of Truth” in 2016. Now, Hardy and teaching partner Chris O’Connell are launching the video version of “The Release” which is four hours of streaming instruction available at

Chris O’Connell

“We think ‘The Release, golf’s moment of truth’ video series is ground breaking instruction,” said O’Connell. “Jim and I love to work on the zone of the swing that hits the ball.”

Hardy first rattled the foundation of golf instruction with his groundbreaking book “The Plane Truth for Golfers” published in 2005 and then the instruction videos “The Plane Truth.”

In the book and videos, Hardy identified two categories in which all golf swings can be divided and analyzed. More importantly, he found two separate sets of fundamentals for each swing. Hardy labels these two categories as the “One Plane Swing” and the “Two Plane” Swing.


“My mentor John Jacobs said it best – the sole purpose of the golf swing is to produce a correct repetitive impact. The method employed is of no significance as long as it is correct and repetitive. That’s what we’re teaching in The Release videos,” Hardy said.  “Current touring pros who swing on decidedly upright planes — The Two Plane — include Bubba Watson, Ian Poulter, Jason Day, Karrie Webb, Cristie Kerr. While the decidedly flatter plane — One Plane — players are Hunter Mahan, Sergio Garcia, Rory McIlroy, Rickie Fowler, and Matt Kuchar.”

The differences between “two plane” and “one plane” players are dramatic.

Sergio Garcia is a “One Planer”
Phil Michelson is a “Two planer”

“Two plane swingers include leverage, pullers, hitters, left arm/hand and outward. One plane swingers include swing the clubhead, throwers, swingers, right arm/hand and inward,” Hardy explained. “You can see by these descriptions their opposite natures.”

Hardy said an important aspect of The Release videos is for golfers to understand these opposite factors.

‘It’s when we see opposites side-by-side that we fully understand them. Without sour, we don’t fully understand sweet.” Hardy said. “That’s exactly what we do in The Release video series. If you want a sweet swing, you don’t want to use the ingredients from the sour swing.”

Hardy identifies each release as LOP (Left/Outward/Pull) and RIT ( Right/Inward/Throw).

“We present elements of the LOP and RIT very close to each other because I believe we learn effectively in a blank universe. We show you what to do and not what to do. If you understand the opposite, your not wondering where you are in your golf swing,”Hardy said.

The videos have three sections:

  • The history and terminology of release and swing plane; the correct motion of LOB and RIT releases
  • Shots, swing faults and drills for proper mechanics
  • Examples of LOP and RIT players on tour with analysis by Hardy and O’Connell
Jim Hardy

“Prior to the Plane Truth, 90 percent of golf instruction and people playing were two plane. If you had a one-plane swing it was believed you did something special to make it work. Jim’s book changed all of that,” said O’Connell, who works with Matt Kuchar, Hunter Mahan, and Gavin Green and is a Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher. “We teach both two-plane and one-plane. We’re not teaching a quote method way. We’re teaching proven swing mechanics based on a person’s build and their physical capabilities. For us, it’s all about having a square face at impact and how you can do that over and over.”

Hardy believes the videos the help golfes better understand the concepts of the book.

“There’s tons of photos in the book, but they’re static and one dimensional,” he said.  “In the videos we very much want to get people who read the book to not only get the correct moves, but also have some big ‘a ha’ moments.”


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French Lick: Donald Ross and Pete Dye at their finest

If the golf courses at French Lick Resort aren’t on your must-play list, adjust it. The Indiana boyhood home of NBA Hall of Famer Larry Bird also has two layouts that are turning the hoops hotbed into a golf playground as well.

Popticals: folding sunglasses that go beyond style NYDEF lenses make greens and fairway 'pop'

By Mike Lednovich, Editor/Publisher

ORLANDO, Fl. — I can run out of fingers counting the number of sunglasses that have been ruined in golf carts and my golf bag over the years. Previous foldable sunglasses were small and flimsy with cheap lenses.

The folks at Popticals have solved that problem with a pretty tony line of eyewear that fold easily for compact storage and sport lenses designed for on field — like golf — sports.

“The nylon material used to make NYDEF Golf lenses gives golfers a competitive edge because NDYEF lenses
are as clear as glass and 18% lighter in weight then polycarbonate lenses used in most other sunglasses,” said John Swanson, VP of Sales.

So what makes NYDEF golf diferent?

Popticals has partnered with optics industry leader Carl Zeiss Vision to create golf-specific lenses that bring visual precision to every golfer.

“NYDEF™ GOLF lenses feature purple and violet tints to reduce the green saturation of the course, allowing the different shades of green to be more easily distinguished,” Swanson explained. “With that Enhanced Contrast – Optimized coloration and sharper contrast helps you see the topography of the course clearly while also enabling better tracking and visibility of the ball.”


Unlike Non-Polarized, On Purpose – Polarized lenses that flatten the image you see and affect depth perception, NYDEF™ GOLF keeps depth of field intact and allows you to see reflected light that helps distinguish between varying textures and conditions of the course.

“You’ll rarely misread the greens again because NYDEF GOLF lenses reveals contours, ridges and grain patterns by helping to lessen the saturation of the greens,” Swanson said. “The light reflecting off the blades of grass can give you critical information about the direction of the grain. Unlike polarized lenses, NYDEF GOLF allows you to see these reflections, and adjust your shots accordingly.”

A rail system like none other is used to transform Popticals into their compact shape

“The FL2 Micro-Rail System started with a deceptively simple challenge: how can sports sunglasses compact down to a portable size?” Swanson said. “Sports sunglasses have a wrap-around style with curved lenses and frames to ensure a secure fit around the head during active use. The problem with a curved, wrap-around design is that they take up a lot of space inside unwieldy, bulky cases when they’re not in use and cannot be folded up. To build a true portable wrap-around design required something different. We broke the mold and engineered a completely new approach.”

At the heart of Popticals’ patented design is the FL2 Micro-Rail System. Using a rail system build into the frames, the lenses to slide inward and parallel to each other for compact storage. The temple sections of the sunglasses fold inwards using two hinges for a truly small carrying size.

“The technology allows tour sunglasses to keep the curved design elements of wrap-around sunglasses for active use without the large and bulky storage size,” Swanson said. “The rail system ensures that the lenses never touch each other.”

The rail system uses stainless steel pins that move along a track within the frames for smooth and effortless movement. A powerful magnet guides and locks in the connecting pieces in the center of the frames to create a secure and solid connection. All components of the FL2 Micro-Rail System are made from corrosion and rust-proof materials to ensure durable, long-lasting functionality.

That unique design is covered by eleven patents, five utility patents and six design patents. This innovative new technology not only allows Popticals their unique portability while providing a wrap-around style, but exists as a standout product that establishes a new category for sunglasses.

To see how Popticals sunglasses work, go to at For retailer sales
inquiries, contact John Swanson at

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French Lick: Donald Ross and Pete Dye at their finest

If the golf courses at French Lick Resort aren’t on your must-play list, adjust it. The Indiana boyhood home of NBA Hall of Famer Larry Bird also has two layouts that are turning the hoops hotbed into a golf playground as well.

BIG MAX: Push Carts have improved flat fold technology, Golf Bags 100% waterproof The Leader in Europe is now in U.S. Markets with new gear

By Mike Lednovich, Editor/Publisher

ORLANDO, FL. — Golf terminology in Europe is so interesting. Browse thru BIG MAX’s 2018 catalog and you’ll see push carts listed as “trolleys.”

BIG MAX has been dominating the European golf market and now is bringing it’s unique and functional designs in both push carts and golf bags to the U.S.

One of its top sellers in the push cart/trolley line is the Blade IP. The new model is a fourth generation of its Fold Flat push cart technology.

Blade IP folds neatly to 5 inches of space

“We’ve eliminated two steps in the fold down process and added the ability to fold the Blade IP on the ground,” said Mike McHugh of BIG MAX. “At a folded size of 34 ½ x 24 ½ inches, and an incredible depth of less than 5 inches, the BLADE IP is hands down, the most easily stored and transported push cart on the market. That means the Blade IP can fit in just about everyone’s car.”

At 14.3 pounds, the Blade IP has all the bells and whistles – dual scorecard holder, wallet compartment, cup holder, quick locks and umbrella holder that fits either the right or left side.

BIG MAX also offers an accessory package that includes a carrying case and cargo net that fits below for carrying and storing gear. That package retails for $99

Blade IP hits the market in May. Available in Black, Black/Lime, White, White/Lime, Phantom/Red, the BLADE IP retails at $349.99 and will be in stores from May 2018.For more information please visit T: @BIGMAXGOLF Insta: @BIGMAX.GOLF

Golf Bags

Equally impressive is the BIG MAX golf bag line which features AQUA and DRI LITE – using waterproof fabric with an unprecedented waterproof rating of over 10.000mm.  The bags have sealed seams and specially designed Japanese waterproof zippers.

“We are Europe’s leading waterproof golf bag brand. Hydrostatic testing of waterproof fabric gives a mm per 24 hours rating. This refers to the amount of rainfall a fabric can withstand in a single day. Thus, a 10,000 mm waterproof rating means the bag can withstand 10,000 mm of rainfall in a single day without letting moisture in.” McHugh said. “In addition to the waterproof qualities the bags are constructed of  ultra-lightweight, tear resistant materials.”

The AQUA Sport 2 is the second generation of BIG MAX͛’s most successful cart bag. With a 14-way, 9.5-inch organizer top, full length dividers, 7 spacious pockets, oversize putter well for large grips and weighing in at just over 5 pounds, the Sport 2 is a leader in the field of practicality. To further enhance its waterproof capability the Sport 2 also has a clear rain hood with dual zips giving easy access from either side. A host of neat features like dual strap and umbrella positions, holders and accessory storage options finish off the practical features on this stylish new addition to the BIG MAX AQUA line.

The AQUA Wave is a stylish, compact and 100% waterproof stand bag that gives a little more room than a Sunday bag for golfers who want to carry a full set on the course. The Wave͛s 8 ½ inch top extends into 4 full length dividers, while its 6 waterproof pockets, air channel straps and ultra-light weight of just over 4 pounds, make the bag a hugely practical and colorful addition to any golfer͛s gear. The new AQUA Ocean is a 100% waterproof Sunday stand bag that has space to spare and weighs just 3 ¾ pounds. With an oversize top the Ocean holds 4 clubs more than traditional Sunday bag, and has plenty of storage options with 5 waterproof pockets. Practical features such as glove, towel and umbrella holder, combined with space for a full set of clubs if required, mean this stylish bag allows golfers to travel and play without compromise.

AQUA Sport 2 – $299.99, available in Black/silver, Charcoal/Black/Red, Silver/Black/Cobalt, Red/Black/Silver, Navy/Black/Silver AQUA Wave – $249.99 available in Black, Red, Yellow, White/Orange, Petrol

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French Lick: Donald Ross and Pete Dye at their finest

If the golf courses at French Lick Resort aren’t on your must-play list, adjust it. The Indiana boyhood home of NBA Hall of Famer Larry Bird also has two layouts that are turning the hoops hotbed into a golf playground as well.

PuttOUT Golf: practice anywhere to hone your stroke

ORLANDO, Fl. — We have an affinity for new exhibitors at the PGA Show and spotted a putting practice device that was getting a lot of attention.

It’s called PuttOUT and the concept is you can practice an effective putting stroke anywhere.

With a scientifically shaped parabolic ramp, each made putt is returned to the player the same distance it would have gone past the hole had it missed, anything else is a miss.

“Only a ball that is rolled on the perfect line and with the perfect pace (18-inches past the hole had it missed) will stick in the PuttOUT micro-target,” said Cam Slaughter of PuttOUTGolf. “We challenge golfers with You Think you can putt to absolute perfection?”

Using a folding design, PuttOUT can be taken wherever there’s space to play – carry it in your backpack, golf bag or even pocket. And when you’re finished, fold it away, out-of-sight in your desk drawer.

With the white disc at the base of the ramp replicating the size of a regulation golf hole, anything that rolls over the disc and up the ramp, returning back to the player is a made putt.

The device is simple in design but an effective putting aid.

Available at Amazon, Dick’s Sporting Goods and Golf Galaxy.

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French Lick: Donald Ross and Pete Dye at their finest

If the golf courses at French Lick Resort aren’t on your must-play list, adjust it. The Indiana boyhood home of NBA Hall of Famer Larry Bird also has two layouts that are turning the hoops hotbed into a golf playground as well.

Why club fitting matters Study shows golfers gain distance and accuracy - don't buy a new driver, get fitted

A 2017 study conducted by GolfMagazine (Aug 2017) confirmed that custom club fitting absolutely improves any player’s performance on the golf course. Improvement was evident across the board with big distance gains, tighter dispersion patterns, more fairways hit, closer proximity to the hole with irons and most surprisingly, dramatically improved putting.

The golfers participating in the study lowered their handicap by an average of three strokes per round! The magazine concluded by writing, “The results? Fitting matters. Based on data from the TrackMan, SAM PuttLab and SkyCaddies along with tester interviews, it’s clear that correctly matched clubs can help golfers of all skills. And remember – you actually can buy a better game with properly fit clubs.”

Says world-renowned instructor David Leadbetter, “It never ceases to amaze me that golfers buy clubs off the shelf and assume they’re right for them. Whether you’re a great golfer or a casual one, getting a custom club fitting is one of the quickest ways to improve your game.” While custom fitting will definitely improve a player’s ability to perform and score, not all fitters are created equal. There are standard and premium levels of fitting.

A standard, or non-premium fitting, will often be free, or at least free with a purchase. Every step up in technology and fitting expertise will most likely produce better results.
A non-premium fitting might be done by a local golf shop or teaching pro. They may have rudimentary technology such as basic launch monitors, though many still base their fitting on ball flight and the eye test. They’ll probably have a limited selection of heads and shafts on hand to hit. They might have one or more fitting carts from companies like Callaway, TaylorMade or Titleist. You’ll most likely get a set of golf clubs that measures you properly for your build and swing speeds because they’ve been doing that for years. Your fitter will have some training. If you go through this fitting, will you improve? Maybe.

For a more advanced,non-premium fitting, you may choose to go to a place like Edwin Watts, Golf Galaxy or Dick’s Sporting Goods. Some PGA professionals will fit into this category because of their experience, expanded equipment options and/or more advanced fitting technology. A location like this might have four, or even more, individual fitting carts from various manufacturers. Each manufacturer might have 10, 15 or more shaft options for their drivers, some of the same shafts as well as some unique to their brand. However, they cannot mix and match shafts and heads between fitting carts and they definitely won’t fit you for swing weight. They’ll incorporate a launch monitor and maybe some additional technologies. Fitters might be highly trained or just a sales associate with little training. In most cases, they also have to sell shirts, shoes and golf balls as well as to fit. Once you are fit, they’ll send your specifications to a club manufacturer to be built on an assembly line. Will you improve more if you visit a location like this? Probably.

Golf specialty stores often fit indoors while PGA professionals often fit outdoors. Indoors provides a true ball flight unaffected by wind, humidity or uneven turf conditions. Does it matter? Indoors, golfers are free of distractions and external elements that impact a golf ball. Golfers are better able to focus indoors, which allows for a more repeatable swing. Indoors you hit premium golf balls instead of range balls, which provides much more accurate feedback. Some may question if hitting off a mat alters performance, but a recent study showed that fairway turf grass and Fiberbuilt turf mats created identical ball speed, smash factors and spin rates on a TrackMan launch monitor, meaning hitting off turf isn’t an advantage in club fitting.
If you wish to treat yourself to a premium fitting, you would go to a place like Club Champion, Cool Clubs or Hot Stix. A premium fitter avails itself of the most advanced technology including TrackMan, SAM PuttLab, and SST PURE machines. SST PUREing identifies shaft irregularities that can cause problems when the shaft twists and bends during the swing. It finds the most stable bending plane or “neutral-axis” of every individual shaft, then aligns it in the clubhead to deliver longer, more accurate shots; as much as six additional yards.

A premium club fitter will have many more options available. At Club Champion, they offer more than 35,000 hittable head and shaft options from all the major brands, plus numerous other exotic offerings. Club Champion also stands out because they actually build clubs in-house, to exacting, unrivaled tolerances. Variables such as swing weight, length, lie and flex definitely alter performance. The experience and know-how in combining these intricate parts together is what separates Club Champion from its competition.

At Club Champion, master fitters go through more than 150 hours of training including monthly product training and testing. They must pass rigorous testing before they can be certified. As opposed to other retail locations, fitting is all that these people do. They’re not salespeople, they’re not cashiers; they are master fitters.
“Club Champion truly is one of the most innovative club fitters in the business. They provide a consumer experience that is undeniably helpful for all golfers to play better. We couldn’t be more thrilled with our partnership with Club Champion,” said TaylorMade CEO David Abeles.
InGolfMagazine’s August 2017 club fitting study, interviews with the testers revealed the expertise of Club Champion fitters had a lot to do with the very positive testing results. These golfers added an average of 19 yards off the tee and 10 yards with their irons. fit.


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French Lick: Donald Ross and Pete Dye at their finest

If the golf courses at French Lick Resort aren’t on your must-play list, adjust it. The Indiana boyhood home of NBA Hall of Famer Larry Bird also has two layouts that are turning the hoops hotbed into a golf playground as well.

Everything is ‘smart’ including IOFIT golf shoes Samsung spin-off measures and records weight transfer

By Mike Lednovich, Editor/Publisher

ORLANDO, FL. — Smart technology is clearly dominating the convention floor of the 2018 PGA Merchandise show. Joining the geek leveraging golf crowd is newcomer IOFIT — a golf shoe with sensors that displays via blue tooth a 3D image of weight pressure point during a golf swing.

IOFIT and its companion software will compare your weight transfer with a golf pro.

IOFIT is the brain child of Salted Ventures, Samsung’s first spin-off and a crowd funded venture into athletics and technology exploring how athletes use weight to build power.

The IOFIT shoes are embedded with pressure sensors in the outer soles that are used to measure forces in different areas of the foot. Along with an application, it determines the golfer’s balance at address and subsequent weight transfer, which are critical to the golf swing

The application displays a 3D image where you can see data measured from under the feet.

“The application displays the center of weight in what we call a pressure map. It displays front and back weight and how that weight shifts and fluctuates during the golf swing,” said Jungsoo Park, Marketing Director of Salted Ventures. “In real time, the sensors are showing you if you remain steady relying on good form and technique.”

The app also features tour pros and their swing weight profiles.

“Users can put their weight display side-by-side to that of a tour pro and see how they compare,” Park said. “It tells you how pros used weight to generate power and whether you’re leveraging the ground forces to do the same thing.”

Park said golfers can record a swing, save it and later compare that video with later swings, building a swing archive. They can watch video in slow motion, side-by-side with a previous video.

“They can even run the videos simultaneously. They can also edit and trim the video footage to focus on  a particular area of their technique and identify flaws in their swing motion,” Park said. “IOFIT will analyze your swing based on your balance data and highlight mistakes you are making, be it as simple as leaning forward too much to transitioning your weight too late at the impact.”

IOFIT was designed to accurately detect every subtle changes in the pressure distribution in a matter of milliseconds. The sensors themselves are waterproof and carefully built to withstand excessive amount of weight, even Bubba golfers up to 330 pounds.


“We’ve concentrated our efforts to ensure developing a great piece of technology, but also a great shoe in and of itself,” Park said. “With help of a product designer from PING and some of the finest shoe manufacturers in South Korea, we’ve carefully designed and tested IOFIT to ensure developing a durable, breathable, waterproof, and lightweight golf shoe.”

For more information go to this link

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French Lick: Donald Ross and Pete Dye at their finest

If the golf courses at French Lick Resort aren’t on your must-play list, adjust it. The Indiana boyhood home of NBA Hall of Famer Larry Bird also has two layouts that are turning the hoops hotbed into a golf playground as well.

Bermuda Sands Apparel: beachy, fun colors for Spring/Summer environmental focused company uses recycled materials and the feel is great

By Mike Lednovich, Editor/Publisher

Incredible was my reaction as I ran my hand across a ladies charcoal gray and black lined vest smartly displayed at the Bermuda Sands apparel booth at the 2018 PGA Show.

Soft to the touch, light weight and sharply appointed with black piping and collar.

Then Lauryn Yarad described how Bermuda Sands uses recycled plastic water bottles in the fabric of some of their Spring/Summer clothing. “Really?” I replied.

The Charlotte, N.C. based company uses a fabric supplied by Repreve, made by Unifi, whose fibers originate from plastic bottles that are recycled, chipped, melted into pellets and spun into fine fibers that are then knit into eco-friendly fabric.

Lauryn Yarad with Bermunda Sands’ new ladies vest

“The Repreve fabrics are beautiful, soft and durable polyester,” said Yarad, Digital Marketing & Social Media Specialist for Bermuda Sands. “People have the same reaction and then they feel the fabric and go ‘oh my.’ You would never know where it came from because it’s so soft.”

Repreve is just one of six materials Bermuda Sands is using for its latest offerings.

There’s Storm Dri, a water repellent technology that allows rain droplets to bead on the surface and glide off rather than soak thru the cloth on Bermuda Sands outer garments.

“It’s keeps you dry in a sudden shower burst so you not soaked,” she said.

The clothing company is also leveraging wick away technology that absorbs moisture into the apparel fibers and then quickly evaporates the water molecules.

“Our new line is very tropical following our tag ling of ‘escape every day.’ Our clothing is meant to be worn everywhere there is a relaxed lifestyle. It’s not for just golf,” Yarad said. “You’ll see a lot of persimmon and coral in our offerings.”

Piper is Bermuda Sands first ever dress. Designed sleeveless, the dress is 95 percent polyester, 5 percent spandex with a zip neck.

“Women can wear it shopping, at the tennis courts, or pretty much anywhere they want,” she said. “We think it will be very popular.”

New for men are the Backspin shorts, featuring 4-way stretch and comfort stretch waistband and the Galaxy vest, available in five colors with a funnel neck and ribbed banded bottom.

“We’re introducing the men’s vest which we hadn’t offered for a couple seasons,” Yarad said. “It’s a brand new redesign that’s very fresh.”

The Bermuda Sands catalog describes its fashion roots as “a sense of escape through premium, performance driven apparel…..inspired by the pristine golf courses and iconic colonial architecture which pays homage to the Bermuda way of life; relaxed in attitude yet refined in the everyday.”

You can shop for Bermuda Sands clothing at



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French Lick: Donald Ross and Pete Dye at their finest

If the golf courses at French Lick Resort aren’t on your must-play list, adjust it. The Indiana boyhood home of NBA Hall of Famer Larry Bird also has two layouts that are turning the hoops hotbed into a golf playground as well.

Takeya sports bottles: “Bring the heat, keep your cool” There's lots to like about the company's on the go line of beverage bottles

By Mike Lednovich, Editor/Publisher

Takeya, a Huntington Beach, Ca. based company brings the “cool” to sports water bottles and Brian Martelon cites six features that make Takeya superior to competitors.

“Golfers can sip, chug or pour their beverage without having to remove the entire lid off the bottle,” Martelon said.  “Takeya’s unique spout lid allows you to control the amount of liquid you want to take in, from a little to a lot. You can control the flow.”

Takeya bottles are insulated and crafted from pure 18/8 stainless steel, with the promise to keep your favorite drink ice cold for 24 hours, or steaming hot for up to 12 hours.

“Our double-walled, vacuum insulated design ensures that our bottles are completely condensation-free,” Martelon said.

Takeya features a doubled powder coating for a sure grip and increased durability.

“Then we added a removable silicone bumper to minimize the inevitable dents and dings of an active lifestyle. The bumper also allows for a quiet set-down, and helps your bottle stay secure in any oversize cup holder,” Martelon explained. “The days of rattling in the golf cart cup holder are over.”

All Takeya bottles combine the convenience of a wide mouth opening – to easily add ice and easy to clean – with the drinkability of a narrow mouth. “There’s no more spilling down your shirt, or no more coming to a full stop in a golf cart to drink,” Martelon said.

Bottle sizes range from 18 ounces to 64 ounces and the company also offers custom laser logos and a rainbow of colors.

For more information go to


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French Lick: Donald Ross and Pete Dye at their finest

If the golf courses at French Lick Resort aren’t on your must-play list, adjust it. The Indiana boyhood home of NBA Hall of Famer Larry Bird also has two layouts that are turning the hoops hotbed into a golf playground as well.

OnCore Golf: Einstein in a golf ball Genius Ball is a launch monitor inside the ball and includes an electronic ball locator

By Mike Lednovich, Editor/Publisher

Orlando, Fla. — It was just a matter of time and hard work in the laboratory to figure out how to put electronics inside a golf ball that includes a GPS feature that tells you where your golf ball is located.

That’s a big break thru, but there’s a ton of more features included in OnCore Golf’s “Genius Ball, which the innovative company said it hopes to launch in time for the holidays in December.

OnCore Golf Technologies, Inc., is the Buffalo, New York-based company known for ground-breaking innovations in golf ball technology. Beyond the ability to locate an errant shot anywhere on the course, the Genius Ball™ will deliver a array of shot data that the company expects will initially

Genius Ball is a launch monitor inside the ball

– Ball location

– Time in the air
– G force at impact

– Angle of descent
– Initial velocity

– Carry distance
– Roll distance

– Degree of draw or fade

– Spin rate

– Height apex

The Genius Ball’s embedded electronic sensors and measurement systems, includes a GPS chip, that will determine a wide range of data for each shot, including the ball’s distance, flight path, velocity and spin rate, and will communicate over Bluetooth to player’s mobile devices in real time.

“The biggest obstacle to overcome was how do we protect the electronics inside the ball core when the ball flattens and compresses against the golf club,” said Bret Blakely, OnCore Golf cofounder and director of Branding & Marketing. “We figured it out and the Genius Ball essentially replaces a launch monitor. Think about that, golfers spend thousands of dollars on launch monitors. Now our Genius Ball tracks all the data and puts it on your cellphone or tablet.”

Blakely said OnCore expects to work with other golf application developers to allow the Genius Ball data to be easily integrated with other GPS and course visualization applications.

While a number of companies have attempted to create “smart” golf balls, the extreme g-forces encountered at club-impact are enough to damage or destroy most embedded electronics. OnCore has solved this issue utilizing an advancement of its patented hollow metal core technology. Creating a protective housing that will not interfere with the performance or feel of the golf ball, the OnCore engineering team is confident that golfers will be very impressed with playability of this unique ball. The Genius Ball™ project was accelerated following OnCore’s receipt of US Patent 9,717,956 on August 1, 2017, which describes one of several approaches to the protective shell. The company demonstrated a prototype of the Genius Ball™ at the 2018 PGA Merchandise Show and to begin shipments in the second quarter of next year.

“From our very first days, we have focused on creating unique products that deliver performance, enjoyment and encourage golfers to play this great game,” Bret Blakely explained. “Earlier this year, we introduced our first-ever tour ball, the ELIXR, and the player response has been overwhelming. We hear from customers every day bragging about the great results they are achieving with that ball. The intent of the Genius Ball™ is to provide data that helps golfers understand their performance on the course in real time to help them become better golfers. We are confident that what a launch monitor can do for a golfer on the driving range is what the Genius Ball™ will do on every hole and for every shot. Golfers crave technology and information and our new “Ball with a Brain” will deliver both.”

The company is providing golfers an opportunity to become the first to experience the product through their Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign. All participants will be notified when the Genius Ball is ready to ship and have priority in placing orders for the initial production run. To learn more about the Genius Ball Project, please visit


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