A $5.50 golf ball, shame on Titleist

The latest golf ball hype out of the Titleist labs is the new AVX golf ball. How much a dozen? Try $62 on Ebay plus $10 shipping.
Let’s get real here. How much better can this golf ball be than the Pro VI at generally $40 online?
Titleist says the AVX, which is on the USGA Conforming List of Golf Balls, is intended for golfers looking for a premium performance golf ball with long distance and a soft feel.

A $5.50 golf ball, will it fly with consumers?

The statement of the golf ball box states: “AVX utilizes innovative, high speed, low compression core technology, resulting in a powerful engine to drive remarkable distance with exceptionally soft feel.”
This is just more nonsense from the golf manufacturers whose greed knows no bounds.
I’m playing a $14 per dozen closeout Nike ball that performs better than the Pro VI or Pro VIX.
Don’t fall for the claims. Save your money for beer and meal upgrade in the clubhouse.
What do you have to lose? A $5.50 golf ball is all.

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