The Shark Experience will bite badly

Greg Norman – together with partners Verizon, GPSi and Club Car – wants to bring all your home entertainment (news, sports, music, golf tips, etc.) to your golf cart. That’s exactly what he’s pitching to golf courses in 2018 in pursuit of the ever elusive millennial golfer.

Listen up, it’s a very bad idea on many fronts. Here’s why:

Don’t you play golf to get away from all the noise and clutter of your daily life? Chomp, that’s going to be gone because an active streaming tablet in a cart will always grab your attention.

We all know that golf is losing participants because it just takes too long to play 18 holes. I quit playing weekends in Southern California because my average 18 was taking five and half hours and I play fast.  Compounding the problem is courses booking foursomes every eight minutes instead of every 10 to squeeze in more players.

Now imagine foursomes watching Alabama-Georgia football during their round. Or dialing up Norman’s golf tip on getting out of a bunker. Chomp, the shark will add more delays, not speed up play. Can you say six hour round.

As you’re driving to your ball isn’t the point to be thinking about your next shot (distance, hazards in place, etc.)? Chomp, that’s gone because you’ve been watching Foster the People’s latest music video or checking out Bloomberg TV to see how your Apple stock is doing.


One aspect of golf is its social component. You’re on a beautiful plot of land surrounded by nature and hopefully you’re engaging with the people in your foursome. Chomp! Ever see a group of four people eating lunch and they’re all staring at their cellphones. Same condition will exist in the golf cart. Instead of being on the tee together, players will hang in their carts until someone yells, “Hey while we’re young!”

And let’s face it, the Shark Experience won’t be free and guess who foots the bill? Chomp, you do. Hey what’s in your wallet? Aren’t green fees already fat enough along with over priced hot dogs, drinks and tipping the bag boy?

Remember texting and driving? How about watching the Shark Experience while going over a narrow bridge or adjacent to a pond or that monster bunker. Chomp, someone distracted is going to get hurt or hurt others.

Finally I have this to say. Do we really need to make regular golf like TopGolf? God help us if the answer is yes.




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